Not a Mere Pocket Watch but a True Possession

It has the look of the aristocracy of gone-by days yet it is made by the newest technologies. Those of you who are die-hard supporters of the age of past generation artifacts will have great pleasure in owning this watch which is truly unique in style and the quality. watchlivecric It is a fusion of antiquity and modernism.

Speciality#1: The Look

This watch is a work of art. It is rendered a classic appearance with the elegant tone finishing. This watch will state your love for tradition and traditional sobriety. The appearance of the watch is such that it will be perfectly goes with any dress. Be it trendy wear or the serious suit,Guest Posting the watch is fit to match anything. The get-up of the watch is simple yet gives a glimpse of your artistic taste in watches. The watch is in shiny silver color which gives a wonderful glow. The diameter of the watch is 2.8cms or 1.1 in. The watch is designed into a ball pocket watch.

Speciality#2: The Worthy Accessories

The Ball Style Chain Hunter Case Modern Pocket Watch is attached with a chain. The chain is of a very good metal and gives a good shine. It can be polished with any polishing chemical to make it sparkling. The length of the chain is a good 800 mm or 3.1 in. Hence, there is no chance of falling down due to any fumbling. The thing which gives it the fashion pocket watch look is its beautifully crafted case. The case has artistically created designs on it.

This gives the watch a regal look. There is a knob on top of the watch which opens the watch and you can look at the dial. The watch is very comfortable to hold and you will feel good to hold it in your palm. Its aura which will make you nostalgic as you’ll remember your childhood memories of your father’s and grandfather’s watch which never failed to capture your imagination and you craved to own one.

Speciality#3: Within Your Reach

This watch is a wonderful thing to give as a gift to your friends, spouse, father, sons or siblings. In Christmas, on birthdays, valentine day show your loved ones that you care and you have an artistic taste. The watch with all its salient features doesn’t cost much which makes it all the more desirable. So this Christmas or birthday you can pamper yourself with this rare jewel without feeling guilty that you have crossed your budget.

Speciality#4: An Accurate Watch

There’s a saying all that glitters is not gold. This idiom however rings false in the case of your modern pocket watch. Critics say that the mechanical watch is not reliable. To them you can proudly show yours. Though your watch gives the look of the past it is made with the finest of technologies. The spring, which is used to wind and unwind the watch, the balance wheel in the watch are all made of the best quality metals to give you the accurate time. If you want to purchase these pocket watches online, you can log in to the online store of My Casual Watch.

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