So, with those thoughts in mind, it is important that you remember to ask how something is done from people who have already gone through the process and completed – don’t be afraid to ask a group of people for some help with a task that needs completing.

Step Ten: Kaizen is infinite

Here we are, at the final step – with this step, it is important that you realize that kaizen is infinite. This is a process of learning and growing gradually, steadily, and continually. Often times, it will help to remember that life is a continuous journey, it isn’t a destination you must continue to move through it.

If you practice the philosophy of continuous improvement, then you will be making the most of this journey we call life. Basically, if you want to continue to improve your life, you can’t sit there and the couch and expect “Mr. Improvement” to knock on your front door and automatically take place. Improvement in life, regardless of who you may be, is something that is going to take time and work  it takes a whole lot of action.

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