14 Is the New 16: 14 Gauge Sinks Are Now Available for Residential Homes

Over the last decade stainless steel sinks have become increasingly popular in modern homes. They help to accent architectural detail and finishes. Clean lines and cool textures reflect surrounding colors and patterns. Stainless steel will complement your décor long after trendy colors are out of style. This is particularly relevant in contemporary or modern design settings.

When choosing which steel sink is right for your home one of the main considerations is the gauge of the stainless steel. The gauge refers to the thickness of the steel. The lower the gauge, the thicker and thus better the steel. Accordingly, 18 gauge is thicker and more durable than 20 gauge.

18g is considered by most to be a good thickness for use in a kitchen sink. You should have very little denting from an 18g sink. As a result this has become the industry standard. However, as time passes, people are beginning to notice that 16 gauge sinks are far superior when compared to their 18g counterparts. Consequently, one will seldom find an 18g sink in a luxurious home, they almost ubiquitously employ 16 gauge sinks. Until now…

The time has finally come to where homeowners can get even higher quality sinks. 14 gauge sinks have recently become available for residential homes. In the past only industrial sinks were made with such high quality materials. Manufacturers have seemingly noticed the market trend toward the superior 16g sinks and followed suite by providing homeowners with 14 gauge stainless steel options.

Benefits of stainless steel:

Large Basin Capacity: The light weight yet durable qualities allow for it to be formed into larger and deeper bowls that may not otherwise be possible with other materials such as the commonly used cast iron.

Shock Absorbent: It has a decent amount of give. This means that on impact it creates a slight cushion for glasses and dishes which will help prevent the dishes from getting damaged.

Eco Friendly: It is a recyclable material and it doesn’t degrade or lose any of its qualities during the recycling process.

Low Cost: They are much more affordable  Red Line Tube than other sink options. Having said that, steel quality and other specifications can vary greatly so there are indeed some very high end and expensive stainless steel sinks.

Durability: These are so durable that a 14 gauge sink will likely outlast your kitchen.

Easy to Maintain: It is easy to care for and is not effected by household cleaning chemicals.

Sea glass (sometimes called ‘beach glass’) is a beautiful and unique element to use for jewelry making. This is what you will need to know to make your own sea glass jewelry.

Don’t use the fake stuff. You must use real beach glass when making it. Get hold of some real sea glass and not anything manufactured to look similar to the real thing. The real stuff will have lots of scratches and marks from hitting rocks and shore. The manufactured glass has a smooth look to it.

Make use of wire. There are several different methods to attach it to your jewelry. Wrap a wire around the glass and bend it to make a pendant. To do this, use some needle-nosed pliers and your preferred kind of wire – this could be gold plated, copper plated or sterling silver wire. When looking at the numbers on the wire’s packaging, the higher the number (or gauge) the thicker the wire. So, if you are looking for a thin wire search for a gauge between 18 and 22. Also there are a few types of wire shapes, from square to round to flat or beaded. If your choices are there, get round as a beginner, because it’s easiest to work with. The piece of glass needs a wire wrapped around it in any fashion. Don’t forget to make the loop through which you pass your jewelry. Your sea glass is ready to make into jewelry after you have attached the wire to it.

Drill a hole in it. One of several options for attaching it to jewelry is by drilling a hole in it. This will to some extent, affect the natural look of stone, but will certainly prevent it falling off of your jewelry. You must have a steady hand and patience to drill through sea glass or any other glass! If you get in a hurry, it will split in half.

It is best to use a small drill bit like a Dremel which has a diamond bit. Then while pouring water over the piece, clamp down your sea glass and drill. This could be a little tricky, so if you are not sure, try and find pre-drilled beach glass to use when making your jewelry. The other alternative is to find an experienced jewelry maker and have them do the drilling. This will ensure your piece of the glass doesn’t get ruined so you can keep it for ever.

Jewelry making with sea glass is easy. You need only decide how to attach it to make bracelets or necklaces. When you’ve finished the sea glass piece you can use it as a beautiful piece of jewelry by itself, or add more beads and other things to go with i


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