AC vs DC powered chair lifts

Outdoor versus Indoor?

If your stairs are partially outdoors, you need to make sure that the stairlift is protected against the sun Passenger Lifts  rays, the wind, the rain and the dust or mud. You need to install an outdoor stair lift and you need to follow the maintenance procedures carefully to fully protect it against untimely deterioration.

Hydraulic and electric powered types are available. The former, though a bit expensive, offer durability and are cost effective in the long run. There are reputable dealers who maintain a ready stock of wheelchair lifts manufactured by popular companies; they can help you choose the right one suiting your specific purposes.

Wheelchair Lifts are accessibility equipment to overcome the hurdles that make daily living a challenge. DAY provides quality stair lifts, wheelchair And platform lifts etc in various models.

AC vs DC powered chair lifts

The trend for the past 20 years has been that with the advances in battery technology, battery powered electric stairlifts have gained traction compared with the AC powered stair lifts. When a battery powered lift is allowed to charge anywhere along the path, you will never run into problem of a flat battery. You will be unable to use the AC powered lift when the electric power in the house is lost. However, especially in the outdoor chair lifts, AC power may still be preferred due to less maintenance and larger tolerance to extreme temperatures of the AC powered lifts.

Manufacturers have come up with new and improved types of wheelchair lifts. The latest models come with unique features and designs which serve the need of the user and cause little or no inconvenience for others. Both economical and expensive devices are available for residential and commercial purposes.

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