protector to protect skin

. Either braid hair in very small cornrows to the back, or tightly wrap hair. A nice wrap set would be a good choice.

3. Wash face. Then, using cotton balls, clean around hairline with alcohol to remove any oils and cleanser residue.

4. Apply scalp protector to protect skin from adhesives.

**OPTIONAL: Use a beige or color that matches your natural scalp tone
for your nylon wig cap — The capRED VELVET CAMBODIAN SILK is optional and is used as a protective
layer for your hair. In addition, a cap (you can also use pantyhose) will
also give your scalp more definition under your lace wig. Pull cap
on to hairline.

**TIP: To prevent cap from sliding back while under your lace wig,
allow glue, or tape, to overlap onto the cap, or loosely stitch cap in
place to lace unit. Be gentle.

A Word About Adhesives

Lace wigs can be applied with specially formulated bonding tapes, or glues. The type of adhesive used will ultimately depend on your lifestyle, body chemistry, personal preference, and the manufacturers listed hold time. There are many different types of tapes and glues on the market, with varying holding strengths. What works best for you will depend on whether your skin is oily, sensitive, as well as whether you perspire heavily, or have an active lifestyle.

When selecting adhesives, be sure to read the ingredient content to ensure that it does not contain chemicals that you are allergic to or harmful chemicals. Select lace wig distributors, such as Remi Lace Wigs, that only use products that have been deemed medically safe will benefit your health in the long run. Always do your research, and be fully aware of how your body reacts to certain chemicals and adhesives.

III. Application Process

Application Process No. 1 — Using Glue

1. With a small make-up brush, or Qtip, apply a thin layer of glue around the perimeter of your scalp, just

beyond the hairline. Certain glues must dry and become tacky for up to 15 – 20 minutes before bonding.


Application Process No. 2 — Using Tape


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