How to Fix Your Credit Overnight – Avoid Getting Ripped Off With Overnight Credit Boost Schemes

Are you struggling with your low FICO score and have been looking online for information on how to fix your credit overnight? If you have you need to know that 24 hour credit repair is not possible and is one of the biggest rip offs within this industry. How you ask? Well thisĀ article is going to tell you the truth about the overnight credit boost schemes that are going on all over the Internet and even in your home town so keep reading.

How Does It Work

Generally these companies promise you instant improvements with your low consumer credit scores. Usually they claim to have special software or inside connections within the industry. Many also have false testimonies that they use to try and legitimize their service. They will then usually inquire as to why you need your scores fixed, they will use this against you later.

Once they hit you with the false proof and high pressure sales pitch they will often ask you for money, and generally it is hundreds or thousands of dollars. When you either refuse or look unsure they will use your desire for a higher score against you. For example they my ask you things like “Don’t you want that new car faster” or “You will be able to get that mortgage with our services” They are just doing this to weaken your defense, do not fall for it.

What Is The Best Way To Fix My Credit Faster?

If you really want to fix your low FICO score faster and improve your report then you really should do the job yourself. While this may seem overwhelming it is very easy to do and there are many kits on the market that can help you get the job done very affordably. You could use a paid service but again you run the risk of getting taken advantage of by shady companies.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Do It Myself

Generally you can buy a good self credit repair kit for between $37 and $97 dollars. Then once you will need to pay postage for any letters you send out and you will also need to pay for a copy of your consumer credit report so yo know what items are dragging your scores down and what ones to dispute. After that the cost is very small and will actually cost you more in time then money, about two or three hours a week to begin with and less as time goes by.

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